Super Matte Release Heat Transfer Film
Material: Polyester 50%~55% + Polypropylene 45%~50%
Anti adhesive coating
PET film
Release coating
Ink absorption coating
Applicable materials: cotton, chemical fiber, cotton blended fabric, EVA, non-woven fabrics, leather and other heat resistant fabric.
Applicable Printing: screen printing
Finish: super matte appearance
Peeling Off: cold peel
Transfer Time: 8~15 seconds
Transfer Temperature: 150~160℃
Ironing Pressure: 2.5kgs
Film Material: 75mic, 100mic PET
Applicable Ink: water based ink, solvent based ink, plastisol ink
Feature: Surface with fog treatment, back side with anti-static treatment or release coating;
              Smooth & neat, no wrinkles, no particles, no bubbles, no separation;
              High temperature resistant, good ink adhesion, good coloring & stable releasing;
              Printing letter looks super matte, no glossy appearance even after repeated washing;
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